Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm back, sort of

I haven't written in this blog for ages. I've been busy exploring the ins and outs of Facebook and Goodreads and just generally wasting time. I'm finding Facebook an interesting concept. It makes the Six Degrees of Separation thing look like it might step down to Five or even Four. I wonder about the etiquette of it. I wonder how you ever find people who don't put any identifying info up except their names and there are 2,437 other people named William Jones and I can't figure out if one of them might be a cousin I could connect with.
I am using Goodreads in conjuntion with LibraryThing. They both do somewhat the same thing from slightly different angles, so I am using LT to keep track of the books in my personal library (well, okay, keeping track may be a slight misnomer.) and GR as a tracking devise for what I am currently reading or have read, including library books, my sister's books, and any stray stuff that I don't actually own myself.
I finally, after being retired on September 1 last year, started receiving my Social Security payments. It has been a mess for me and I was about ready to say, oh forget it, I can starve to death without it, but finally, thanks to Hilda and Mary Ann who work for SocSec, I got it straightened out.
Now I'm on to the next step. The last week in December some of the shingles blew off the back of my house. I had a terrible time getting anyone to even come look at the roof to make an estimate on repairing and finally had to ask the guy who is remodeling the house next door for help. On Friday they came and made an estimate for replacing the whole back roof (apparently, when the front was done about 15 years ago the roofers didn't do the back and since you can't see the roof from the ground, it wasn't obvious.) The estimate seems in line with what friends have had done and so I didn't even try to get another two estimates--I know that's probably not wise, but I want a decent roof on sometime before we get hit with the Spring rains. Anyway, after two days of icky weather they showed up this morning and started tearing off the old shingles. It sounds like giant mice up there -- or the dentist drill in slow motion.

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gryphondear said...

Giant mice: why didn't I think of that. I could have sent you mine, instead of feeding it D-Con.