Friday, October 25, 2013

Hi-jacking this blog for P.E.

I am going to use this blog to record my pitiful attempt to get ready to run in next year's Olathe marathon's 5K event.  Keep in mind, I haven't actually run anywhere since before long before I broke my ankle in 1996.  I think it coincided with the last time I played softball.

I've committed myself, in front of witnesses, and have signed up three Partners In (I was going to say Grime and Sweat but just realized the acronym for that spelled PIGS and that certainly won't do--I'll have to reconsider and find a better name for us.)  AHEM!  As I was saying  my daughter Carma was the original inspiration.  She's done three 5k this year and is thinking of trying a half marathon next year.  My sister Jan, who has done several 5K in the last couple years.  And her daughter Cybil, who has been doing a lot of exercizing.

The upshot has been the purchase of an official pair of shoes and several days of walks.  I know the race is six months from now, but I am seriously out of shape and need to convince my body to get over itself.  Right now I'm at the 2 mile/30 minute walk  (plotting the neighborhood on Google Maps to get distances--Note to Self: Buy a pedometer.)

Today I walked the two miles minus 1 block, which I tried jogging.  I probably would have been able to escape from Tim Conway doing his little old man shuffle.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted.   If I survive.

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